Cotswold Farm Park

We’re always on the lookout for good camp spots close to our hometown, Bristol. So when we planned a weekend with our good friends and neighbours, we were keen to try our the Cotswold Farm Park otherwise known as ‘Adam’s’ Farm (Country File’ Adam), which opened its campsite just last year in 2017.

We were definitely not disappointed. For us the journey was under an hour making it perfect for after school/work on a Friday night. We didn’t know it at the time but you can order fresh stone-baked pizzas to be delivered to your plot and pastries for the morning. The campsite itself was fairly small with brilliantly flat pitches, which were clearly marked out. Whilst another friend considered the layout to be sterile, I loved it and think that some of the new planting will soften the look over time. As most people were camping whilst visiting the farm, there were very few cars moving on the site making it perfect for children on bikes. Also, due to its flat, organized layout, it was really easy to see where the kids had gone when out exploring!

I think we chose perfect pitches at the far end of the site opposite the glamping tents. The position offered us lots of extra space for the children to play in front of the pitches and we were close to a little bridleway so we were able to watch the horses trot by. The path also gave us a great vantage point to see the sunset on the Saturday night.

The farm itself was a great day out. Although I’d say it was a little expensive if you were just visiting for one day. Thankfully our camping ticket allowed us access for the duration of our stay. The farm had the usual play areas, tractor rides and penned animals but as rare breads farm, it offered the opportunity to see some rather spectacular sheep and cattle. The staff were all amazingly friendly and knowledgeable. We particularly enjoyed the milking demonstration and a presentation leading us though the evolution of domesticated sheep- doesn’t sound that interesting but it really was! Bottle feeding the lambs and handing the rabbits was a massive hit with the children.

The only downside was the food on offer. It was limited, expensive and pretty poor quality. I would definitely recommend a picnic.

Having spent all day on the farm on the Saturday and most of the day on Sunday, we were ready to have a quick look at the local village before returning home. We visited Bourton on the Water for a fish and chip dinner and a little paddle- well worth the stop.

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