What Bank Holidays should be about….

British weather is notoriously unpredictable and I think it’s fair to say that we have come to expect Bank Holiday weekends to be a washout. This winter seems to be lasting an eternity; our spring, so far, has been cold and apart from a few unseasonably hot days in April, we’ve barely seen the sun.

As the Bank Holiday weekend approached, I watched the weather forecast and wasn’t at all surprised to see that our planned camping destination looked to be significantly cooler than our home town. Typical! But for the first time in weeks, rain was not predicted and, as trip with some of oldest and very best friends had been booked well in advance, we would be going regardless.

Although the date had been in the dairy for some months, we had been a bit slack in booking a site. I have, for some time, refused to travel on the M5 south on a bank holiday weekend so Devon and Cornwall were out of the mix; we had agreed to head towards the Gower Peninsula. We booked our chosen site – SkySea – on account of its proximity to the beach and some recommendations.

We arrived later than our friends after picking Tony up from the train station (he had been working in Birmingham so met us in Swansea). They were already set up and more importantly ready to collect the fish ‘n’ chips.

The evening was warm, the views were amazing and the company was perfect: this weekend was promising to be a good one.

The forecast for Saturday looked to be overcast so we planned a trip to Swansea’s leisure pool LC2. The children (and adults) had a great time playing on the slides but the sun had in fact come out so the Mumbles was calling us!

I’m not sure any of us had been to the mumbles other than crawling from pub to pub. I can confirm its as nice a walk sober! The children enjoyed their scoot along the waterfront and we all enjoyed the ice cream!

The weather just got better and better so that was the last time we moved the van.

The rest of the weekend was spent on the beach: the adults chilling and the kids playing, just how it should be! It always amazes me how the children are happy to spend hours, with nothing more than a bucket and spade, playing on the beach.

When we weren’t on the beach, we were playing or eating back at base camp. Despite living in the same city, it’s near impossible to find a mutually agreeable date to see our friends so three days together was a real treat.

We did make a visit to the Ship Inn in the village and for an ice cream from one of the little parlours by the beach- yum!

I think it’s fair to say that this is set to be an annual event. I just hope we get the weather next time.

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