When Fun can’t come First

Some people can be critical of what one chooses to share on social media, suggesting that people paint a rosy picture of their lives. I have had people passing comments to me about life in our house being good/perfect. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life but it certainly isn’t perfect! I do however choose to record the best bits. That way these are the bits that stand out in my memory and when my TimeHop alerts me to what I was doing this time last year, I’m treated with a little window into a happy time. I don’t really want to dwell on the stressful times…although we have our fair share of them.

Before the Campervanning fun can commence there is the inevitable packing, traveling and setting up. We were far later leaving home than usual on this particular trip due to a busy weekend. Having packed the bread, I couldn’t make the kids packed lunch meaning we had to stop for lunch approximately 30minutes into our journey. We then had to make a two additional stop-offs as we ‘needed’ new pegs (which we didn’t use) and a new awning light -ours had broken last October and we hadn’t got round to replacing it!

We arrived at our site at about 6pm and it was pouring down- big, heavy raindrops- the type of rain that leaves you wet though if you’re out in it for 2 minutes. Only we weren’t out in it for 2 minutes. It took us about two hours to set up.

The kids were exited, which quite frankly given the situation,was a tad irritating and the longer it took us to erect the awning and unload, the more they started to irritate one another meaning the whole process took longer and longer.

Come 8pm, an hour past (the kids’) bedtime and about two hours past dinner, we retreated to the clubhouse for dinner, softplay and some cheesy entertainment. We finally got back to the van at approximately 10:30pm and whilst Dougie was a super star and went straight to sleep, Heidi who was obviously over-tired, proceeded to scream for some time before I conceded and patted her to sleep. We certainly didn’t win any  parenting awards for this one!
Top (obvious) tips to avoiding this utter fail:

  1. Planning and preparation is key. Even better if the majority of this can be done whilst the children are at school or in bed!
  2. Pack wet-weather clothes. Particularly if rain is forecast!
  3. Pack snacks. Even better if you actually feed the kids at meal times-hungry kids are a mare.
  4. If possible, leave in plenty of time to arrive and set up before a reasonable bed time. Tired and hungry children are unbearable.

Packing up to come home- less rain, more wind!

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