Pentewan Sands in (mostly) Pictures

The Easter that rained  and rained and rained (and snowed a bit too!). I know, let’s go camping!!!

Long ago we decided that off season camping was all about the holiday parks. The clubhouse offering a warm retreat and cheesy entertainment to keep the children occupied, a pool and places to eat on site.

As for as holiday parks go, Pentewan Sands is superb…I’d even consider returning in peak season!!! So why did we like it such a lot?

The entertainment….

Like many sites, Pentewan had a varied entertainment schedule. They had some fun early-evening activities for the kids followed by kids bingo, which then led into the evening entertainment. We’ve found that the staff and guests at Pentewan didn’t take anything too seriously and were more that happy to have the children involved in the evening entertainment too.

The Food….

Pentewan has a descent menu in the clubhouse, a Hubbox burger/hotdog place on the beach, a chippy and another pub style venue, which we didn’t explore. Plenty of options for when it’s too wet or cold to cook outside! I really must think more about my blog when I’m in them moment and taking pictures, I don’t really have any of the food!

The beach…..

My goodness the beach! It was amazing. This is what a return summer visit will be all about!

The cycling…

There is a lovely cycle path leading off the campsite that follows the river along Pentewan valley. We foolishly diverted off of the path to the Lost Garden of Heligan. Google maps did not warn us of the MASSIVE hill. I would not recommended this with children!

The day trips…

Mevagissey, Charlestown, The Lost Garden of Heligan, The Eden Project….

There was also a good pool, but I don’t have photos of that! All in all, a fantastic if not slightly (!) wet trip.


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Pentewan Sands (mostly) in pictures
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