Javea 2017

There was a time when I avoided returning to the same holiday destination as I felt that it was a wasted opportunity to see and explore somewhere new. But this week marked my 5th stay at Camping Javea and my 8th visit to this area of Spain.  So what’s the draw?  This stretch of coast is unarguably beautiful. The coastline is varied: long stretches of beach, idyllic bays and dramatic rocky headlands- most notably being Montgo. But that’s just a bonus really. Javea has become a place where we have created some really wonderful memories with my parents (Nain and Pops) who regularly take extended holidays in Javea. The more we visit, the more Dougie remembers these special trips where we spend a week living in each others pockets with nothing to distract us from having fun!

The Costa Blanca is just starting to warm up at this time of year and it’s always a lottery as to what weather we will have. But this year, perhaps owing to the late Easter break, we were incredibly lucky as we had glorious sunshine and spent much of the week on the beach.

Without hesitation Dougie would always choose to spend the day on the Arenal; a modern promenade lined with trendy eateries interspersed with a few shops and heladería. But of course that’s not why Dougie likes it there! He likes the fine sand- perfect for digging holes and building castles, the numerous climbing frames and the fact that he is highly likely to get an ice-cream at some point during the day! I like the fact that all of the  restaurants are incredibly child friendly and the fact that most offer free and fairly good Wifi!!

During the week, we made plans to meet family friends at El Portet, which is a small bay south of a Javea. This beach is stunning. It’s well sheltered and when we visited, the water was like a mill pond. We had lunch in the cafe above the beach and spent the day chatting about the hugely expensive properties overlooking the bay.  The sand here isn’t as fine as at the Arenal but its course texture held together well and made a cracking Optimus Prime! Tony hired a kayak to take Dougie out to the yachts moored offshore. Dougie lost interest fairly quickly so Tony brought him back and took me for a tour of the rocks instead. I’m not sure Tony and I have been Kayaking since our honeymoon and whilst it was a little colder than the Maldives, it was equally as beautiful!

I fancied spending the day on the beach a Portixol having visited briefly last year on a much colder day. I was unable to convince Dougie (and Tony for that matter) that a pebbly beach could be as much fun as the sand. The cove was as beautiful as I remembered it to be and we managed to position ourself in one of the only sandy spots in attempt to appease the little man. However the ‘sand’ was horribly dusty, which meant digging was quite unpleasant. This didn’t detract from the day; we had a nice walk and and some lovely tapas at the beach bar. Next time we will avoid the ‘sand’!

I love the fact we know exactly what to expect when visiting Javea. We know the places the children like to play and the restaurants we can easily eat in. I love the fact that Dougie is able to talk about what he wants to do as he too is getting to know the different areas of the town. It truly feels as though we can start the holiday as soon as the plane hits the tarmac, which means we can immediately relax and enjoy our time together.

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  1. What a lovely post. It sums up perfectly the positives of returning to the same area. I love exploring new places but when a group are together knowledge of the area and what is on offer means less time spent on deliberations and more successful choices.
    It’s so lovely and great fun to have the family together in a place that we all enjoy. Another great holiday!

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