Take me to the moon….

We are used to unreasonable requests made by young children, but the look on my son’s face when I told him that I wanted him to take me to the moon for my Mother’s Day outing! Usually a very imaginiative lad, Dougie’s response was ‘no Mummy we need a rocket to get us to the moon’ and this level-head thinking continued throughout the morning (yawn!). With the promise to visit the dinosaurs at Bristol Museum, he finally agreed to us at least trying to get to the moon.

Desperately trying to get Dougie into the sprit of the day, Tony had downloaded a cracking soundtrack to accompany our ‘rocket’ journey…fly me to the moon, rocket man, dancing in the moonlight…the list goes on. By the time we arrived, Dougie was a little more invested in our adventure and had happily spent the journey pointing out ‘moon diggers’ and ‘space buildings’.

If you’ve ever poked your head into the Wills Memorial building that looms over Park Street, you’ll know that in itself, it’s a pretty impressive building and the kids were eager to climb the grand staircase. Reaching the summit, low and behold we had landed on the moon!

The Museum of the Moon is a touring exhibition by artist Luke Jerram, who also brought us the Park Street water slide and the street pianos. From the moment you stepped into the Great Hall, the moon was totally bewitching. The music accomanying the installation gave you sense of gravity (or lack of!) and left you wanting to spend hours just studying every detail. In fact judging by the number of people who appeared to have set up camp directly under the moon, many  planned to do just that.

Sadly 2 under 5’s don’t have a great attention span regardless of how mezmorising the sight! Having said that Heidi, who until now has been completely oblivious to our space adventure, was totally transfixed!

And what of our dinoursar experience? As usual Dougie, and Heidi for that matter, throughly enjoyed it! Bristol Musuem is a total winner in my opinion. There’s plenty to see, a cafe and a play area. Dougie never seems to tire of the place.

Time for a wander down  Park Street, a snack by the fountains and a few moments to enjoy the spring sunshine in Queens Square before heading to Pieminister for an early dinner. Of course it had to be a Heidi Pie!

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The Museum of the Moon, Bristol

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  1. Looks like a great visit! I love the look on Heidi’s face, she really is awestruck! Loved visiting the Bristol museum.
    Mmmm Heidi pie, whatever it is, it has to be good 😉

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