Peppa Pig world

Heidi turned two at the beginning of July and what better way than to celebrate than with a trip to Peppa Pig world? Several friends have been and spoke highly of it but with Dougie not being overly fussed about Peppa Pig, we never made the effort to visit. Heidi on the other hand is a big fan and at the moment going anywhere more than a couple of hours away, is a excellent excuse to spend a night in our new campervan, Ernest Van Kampen.

We stayed in Paultons Campsite, which was pretty much opposite the park. It was small, peaceful and clearly knew it’s audience. There was a lot of open space for the children to play and there were some little ride on vehicles that we were able to borrow. The shower facilities were clean, warm and free flowing- what more could you ask for?

We weren’t fooled into thinking the park would be quiet on a week day as we knew Peppa Pig world is aimed at pre-schoolers but we followed Caroline’s top tip and did a few Peppa rides before exploring the rest of the park and then returned to Peppa Pig world after lunch, when it was a bit quieter.

Tony and I were really impressed with the park. There was a nice range of rides, most of which were suitable for Dougie and many appropriate for Heidi. The botanical gardens were beautiful. We also found there was a good mix of rides, which we needed to queue for, and play areas that the children could just go on as they pleased.


Needless to say, the children were exhausted and we had a very peaceful journey home!


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